I'm a Bucharest based sound engineer and producer with a passion for detail and musical expression.

I've been playing guitar since I was a kid and quickly got into recording and the technical side o things. I remember my first recording experience consisted of me and my brother overdubbing our voices over radio recordings for comic relief, using an ancient radio 2 track cassette player. I've pursued a career in music and sound engineering ever since, with a slight detour through electronics and telecommunications college ( I thought they could teach me how to build a guitar amp , I settled for making a guitar tuner instead :p ). 

Over the last 7 years I've been fortunate enough to work with bands and artists playing a wide range of styles, in both live and studio settings, most notably live sound for Mike Terrana, Pyogenesis, The Bucharest Orange Orchestra, and studio work for local bands like Crize, Tragic, Death Drive. I've also worked as a sound engineer for television, theater and even an eco-focused social documentary.
My experience as a guitar and bass player in a number of bands, and my technical background in electronics and multimedia production, gives me insights into the workings of an artist's ear, as well as his gear.

I aim to create a comfortable and inspiring setting in which you can easily bring your  ideas to life, while making sure that everything sounds just right.

guess i have to talk about myself now

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